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School Cleaning Tips for Semester Breaks

When school is out, it's time to get the cleaners in.

When Spring or Summer Break comes around, it’s relaxation time for staff and students from school. A much-anticipated break is a great chance for everyone to enjoy some time out of school, and the building itself needs the break too. Campus maintenance, janitorial staff and cleaning companies are poised for their busiest periods when the break comes, as it is the perfect time to get on top of all the deep cleaning requirements of a campus, without the time constraints or interruptions of a busy, active school semester. Here we’re looking at a comprehensive checklist of clean-up tips for the school breaks, which you can be sure any good school cleaning service provider will offer.

Flooring and Carpets

All the floors on campus go through quite a bit of wear and tear during each semester. The high traffic and footfall means keeping on top of the cleaning isn’t straightforward during term time. When break arrives, professional cleaning teams can step up their workload and get the floors throughout the premises looking their very best. Cleaning and waxing of hard surface floors, including in the gym and lunchroom, can be carried out using the correct equipment. Similarly, deep cleaning can be carried out on all carpeted floors, as furniture can be easily removed without disrupting students and teachers.

Windows and Glass

Glass cabinets, dividers and windows need to be polished and cleaned as much as possible for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. Schools and colleges tend to have large windows due to the need for as much natural light as possible. Cleaning them toward the end of any break period is recommended as it ensures they are as clear and bright as possible when everyone returns for the next semester. Extra care can be taken with professional window cleaning services ensuring the right materials, products and equipment is used for the best possible job.


Restrooms need extra care and attention due to the higher risk of germs and bacteria harboring in basins and toilets. Break is a chance to deep clean, sanitize and fully disinfect every surface in each restroom, including ceilings, cubicle doors and walls. Corners and hidden areas beneath toilet seats and behind faucets can also be targeted to avoid even the slightest risk of dirt or grime.

HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC system is an integral part of every school. When out of service, students may not even be able to attend classes. While it doesn’t need checking too often, at the end of each semester is the ideal time to check out and clean up air vents and heating ducts across campus. Throughout the year its like the HVAC system will collect dust, allergens and debris, all of which you’ll want fully cleared out by the new semester.

Kitchens and Cafeterias

It’s no understatement that the school kitchens need to be the cleanest place in the whole premises. Preparing food and the risks of unhygienic conditions around food are so dangerous they can be fatal. Throughout the year your catering staff will keep on top of all the necessary cleaning needs, ensuring the kitchen is kept food safe and hygiene. However, it is always worth taking the time for intense, deep cleaning when the premises are closed. Grease and food particles can build up in the most unlikely areas and attract pests, as well as becoming a fire hazard. Proper cleaning and annual maintenance is also essential for avoiding unnecessary equipment breakdowns.

Gymnasium Cleaning

The school gymnasium is regularly packed with students working out and this comes with the added risk of dirt, debris, sweat and other bodily fluids tainting the walls, floor and ceilings. While regular cleaning is of course necessary, it is when the campus is closed you can go in-depth and carry out essential deep cleans. This can include gymnasium ceiling cleaning, pulling out bleachers for a full mop and polish below and thorough sanitization of shower and restroom areas.

At Penn-Jersey we’re proud to work with many educational establishments in the area. Providing regular and deep clean services, our experienced teams ensure every campus we work in is fully ready for the new school year.

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