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Tips for Post-Construction Cleaning

Construction projects generate plenty of mess and dirt, which is why professional cleaners are a great investment.

Whether you’re a property developer with a new build development or a homeowner working on some improvements, a construction project always leaves a good deal of dirt and grime to deal with. To be able to fully enjoy any new development, whether it’s a single room or a whole tower block, cleaning is essential. Many construction companies can provide the cleaning themselves or you may even choose to clean up after your builders yourself, but it is beneficial to bring in the professionals for a truly complete clean and a property just like new.

Post-construction clean up work is a specialist cleaning job which takes particular skills and experience. Post-construction cleaning crews will help remove all construction materials and debris from the site and it may incorporate a range of other tasks to ensure premises are looking the best they possibly can before returning them to the homeowner or developer.

Until the dust and debris is removed from a property, it isn’t possible to see the real benefit of the extension, development or improvement. Even a single room extension can create a huge amount of mess so bringing in the professionals is a speedy way of ensuring you get to enjoy the new development as quickly as possible. The process of post-construction cleaning is quite straightforward but best carried out by experienced professionals.

Three Steps to Complete Post-Construction Cleaning

The majority of post-construction cleaning crews will follow a similar process to bring the premises up the best possible standards and ready for use, showcasing or sale. The three steps usually required in a post-construction cleaning project are:

1. Rough Cleaning

Rough cleaning is exactly what it sounds like. It is the first stage where the main dirt, grime and debris are dealt with. The initial phase is a chance to remove and clean away all construction debris, which can include dust, caulk, adhesives and any paint overspray. It is also when thorough window cleaning and pressure washing may take place. This phase is a chance to ensure the foundations are laid for final touches, you may move soft furnishings and similar into place and you are almost ready to enjoy and showcase the property or new development.

2. Final Cleaning

Again, final cleaning makes it very clear what the task is in its name. It’s a repeat cleaning process which ensures no stains, smears or issues are left. Finishing touches are checked over and in-depth cleaning of all interior surfaces is also carried out during this stage. Once the final clean is complete the new space should be ready to use, whether that’s as part of your family home or for showing off for a potential sale.

The final cleaning stage typically involves full cleaning of cabinetry as well as any surfaces and thorough cleaning of baseboards and floors throughout the property. Carpeting and wood flooring should be cleaned appropriately too using the right equipment.

3. Touch-Up Cleaning

The touch-up clean process is something you may or may not want to involve a cleaning company in. It usually occurs within a week of the original cleaning project and involves going back in and going over all the original cleaning tasks. Many cleaning crews offer this as part of their construction clean-up service and it ensures you maintain the pristine level of cleanliness in your new space.

This three-step process is the most common for post-construction cleaning and helps to ensure that properties, particularly those for sale or lease, are completely ready for the moving day of their new residents.

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