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Fall Maintenance and Cleaning Essentials

Keep on top of these Fall cleaning tasks to avoid a difficult winter

Home and property maintenance is not something at the top of anyone’s agenda in the warm summer months, but as Fall arrives, it is something every business owner and homeowner should get on top of. The weather is no longer hot and humid, better for managing any maintenance tasks and rain and snow are not yet a daily occurrence, meaning it isn’t too cold or dangerous to get the tasks done. Beyond this, there are some maintenance tasks that need completing before winter arrives, to avoid the risk of damage and long-term issues with your property.

From office block owners to property developers and individual homeowners, keeping on top of your property maintenance this Fall can avoid a lot of headaches when the cold sets in. Below are some tasks you won’t want to forget this Fall.

Gutter Cleaning

Debris quickly and easily builds up in gutters, even if you don’t have any trees in your area. A quick look will soon show you that twigs, leaves and debris build up and can result in full blockage of your guttering. When rain and snow arrive, the blockages can get much worse and for high volumes of snow and rain to pass through your gutters safely, you need them to be fully clear of any debris for safety purposes. If downspouts aren’t properly positioned there can also be issues with your foundations. Downspouts should extend approximately five feet from the house to avoid the risk of basement floods.

Safety Review

Updating and checking your home or property security is best practice in Fall. Check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors and make sure any outlets, such as chimneys, are fully cleaned, especially if you have wood burning stoves and fires. Many people also choose the Fall time to update their security systems so it could be worth looking into the quality of your system, surveillance coverage and any other measures you have in place to protect your property.

Manage Surface Clutter and Refuse

Keeping on top of clutter in the workplace should be a daily task, but a clear out in the Fall is also recommended. Germs and bacteria thrive in colder months, especially as people are more likely to have coughs and colds, so it is important to minimize the areas in which these germs can thrive. For many businesses the winter is one of the busiest periods, with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way, so getting rid of old clutter can help ensure things don’t quickly get out of hand.

Furance and Air Conditioning Checks

Your furnace or heating system is going to be used on a daily basis very soon. Full maintenance and cleaning checks are essential for ensuring it is safe to use and there’s no risk of dust or any other unwanted particles are spread back into your workspace or home. Professional HVAC and air duct cleaning ensures your system can function as effectively as possible throughout the colder months. This is great for both the cost of your system running and the efficiency with which is can keep the space warm and comfortable.

Deep Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is not something many businesses invest in when winter comes around. A final in-depth and thorough cleaning is often a great idea just before the rain and snow arrives. Indoor and outdoor cleaning is recommended to ensure a thorough finish. If you need to replace any screens with storm windows this can be done too. Professional window cleaners work in all weathers and throughout the year, but many clients like to have a final deep clean before the wetter weather sets in.

Keep Green Cleaning in Mind

When the colder months arrive windows are opened less so it is even more important to minimize the use of chemicals and cleaning products in your general cleaning practices. Green cleaning principles can be followed at all times, with no need for these kinds of products, but if you do need to use them, keep them to a minimum.

The more cleaning and maintenance you can complete before the colder temperatures set in, the less you have to worry about the additional issues that can arise such as blocked guttering, with debris as well as ice. Working with a cleaning company ensures you can keep your regular cleaning slots but also request more in-depth cleaning at any time of the year.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels