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Hazard Restaurant Owners Simply Can’t Ignore

The expansive nature of the restaurant industry means it is particularly prone to hazards which owners simply must have a handle on to ensure success.

With $883 billion in predicted restaurant sales across the US in 2019 and an estimated $24 billion in Pennsylvania alone, there is no doubt that there is money to be made in food. Succeeding in the restaurant industry takes skill but it also takes commitment in a range of different areas including the basics such as health, hygiene and general standards of cleanliness. Hazards in the restaurant industry come in many shapes and sizes and below are some of the restaurant issues you simply cannot afford to ignore. From specialist services such as restaurant ceiling cleaning to the daily picking up of trash, managing a successful restaurant is about more than the best meals in town.

Slip and Trip Hazards

Both your employees and patrons are at risk if your restaurant space is cluttered. The National Floor Safety Institute report more than 3 million food service workers are injured every year through slip and fall type accidents. Claims can cost thousands, with the average cost believed to be around $21,000 so this is a risk restauranteurs simply cannot afford to take. Keeping clutter to a minimum, walkways clear and maintain a clean, grease and spill-free work environment is key to minimizing the chance of slips and falls. A safe-floor program is what the NFSI advocate and it is something every food environment should have in place.

Cooking Fires

One of the key hazards in a busy working kitchen is fire. However, cooking fires can easily be prevented with well-trained staff, proper cleaning protocols and a commitment to close monitoring of the kitchen. Many kitchen and cooking fires are caused by excess grease and debris building up and around the equipment. This shouldn’t occur if you have a proper cleaning schedule in place and all employees are properly trained to ensure a clean and safe working environment. Hood suppression systems should also be in place and regularly checked. Additional practices such as kitchen and restaurant ceiling cleaning will help to minimise the risk should a fire occur.

Damaged Locks and Doors

Damage to doors and locks including through lack of maintenance can contribute to the general lack of safety in a restaurant environment. Broken doors and locks should be fixed as a matter of urgency as they are key to the security of your business. What’s more, the impression you give is impacted on by both interior and exterior appearances. Your patrons won’t feel safe and relaxed in a restaurant where the doors aren’t secure or there is damage to fixtures and fittings.

Dirty Restrooms

Restrooms are essential in all food environment, and so is there cleanliness. An unclean restroom harbors germs and contaminants. It also creates a terrible impression for your patrons and will almost guarantee they do not return for another meal or visit to your premises. Dirty restrooms make your diners believe your kitchens are dirty too and this spells the end of any interest in your business, and you can be sure they’ll tell their friends too.

Unclean Surfaces and Ceilings

The busy nature of the restaurant environment means surfaces and food prep areas can quickly become unclean. A clean-as-you-go ethic is essential for any busy food environment. Cleaning everything that comes into contact with your employees and visitors is essential for a safe and hygienic food environment. Surface sanitizer should be available at all times and this should be used for walls as well as flat surfaces and prep areas. Restaurant ceiling cleaning is a more specialized task, especially if you have an acoustical tiled ceiling or similar. Investing in regular specialist cleaners to deal with your restaurant and kitchen ceiling ensures built up grease and food debris can be effectively removed and you can be sure of a sanitized and safe environment. Penn Jersey works with many restaurants and food businesses to provide an array of cleaning services, including our specialized restaurant ceiling cleaning service. Our before and after shots gallery shows off some of our work and demonstrates just how much cleaner many environments could be with the right treatment.

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