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Back To School amid Coronavirus

Schools and college are opening back up, how have things changed?

Every year schools and colleges gear up to invite their students back, but this year has been a little bit different. Campuses and classrooms are not the same as they were a few months ago and the impact of Coronavirus has had an impact on every educational space across the country.

Teachers are working as hard as possible to keep things as “normal” as possible but there are of course some changes. Brand new cleaning plans and rotas have to be put in place and many schools and colleges have only part-time attendance and still offer some online lessons. Coronavirus has changed our approach to cleaning generally and professional companies like ours have been able to combine our regular school cleaning service with our specialized Covid-19 cleaning services to ensure campuses are ready to welcome back students as safely as possible.

Janitorial Services for Schools

We have always offered janitorial services for schools in Philadelphia, so we are used to the hustle and bustle of a busy campus. However, we also recognize the need for change, the need to respect social distancing measures in place and keep all environments as safe as possible. Cleaning can be carried out outside of school hours but now, with the need for increased hygiene, we can maintain a presence whenever necessary to keep schools as clean and safe as possible. Regular disinfection and sanitization has to be the new norm.

All frequently touched surfaces and objects should be disinfected and cleaned as often as you can. The most important areas and items to consider include

  • Desks, tables, chairs and stools
  • Doors and window handles
  • Restroom facilities and faucets
  • Computer equipment including keyboards and mice
  • Toys, books and games
  • Communal break spaces
  • Telephones
  • Light switches and any other handles or switches

Keeping on top of regular sanitization ensures your school can operate safely and you minimize the risk of COVID-19 spreading quickly, should there unfortunately be a case in your area. Cleaning plans will evolve and develop as the virus continues to disrupt the country, as long as we are proactive, we can continue to do all we can to maintain safe, sanitized environments for learning and education.

Cleaning Protocol for Students

Handwashing is the most obvious and effective way of avoiding the spread of any virus or bacteria. All classrooms should have sanitizer available and students should be well versed in good handwashing practice too. Many may choose to wear PPE such as masks or visors but this is not mandatory in most places and can be decided by the individual. You may advise students not to share books, equipment or other items in the classroom and you may prefer they do not bring items from home. This again will be dependent on your individual expectations for your classroom or school.

COVID-19 Cleaning for Schools and Colleges

At Penn Jersey we have made sure to educate all our teams in safe and thorough cleaning in the fight against COVID-19. We work diligently to keep our clients’ businesses, including schools and colleges, as clean and safe as possible, with COVID-19 certifications under our belts to prepare for all works. Our experience in biohazard remediation has fed our ability to work safely and we work inline with state mandated guidelines for clearance. We cannot stop recontamination should an infected person enter any premises and currently there are no 100% guaranteed processes or products for the complete removal of Coronavirus-19. We do all we can to ensure you can get back to school as normally as possible, and we know you’ll also do all you can to remain open and continue to educate.

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