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Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Why Vacuuming is Not Enough

Regular vacuuming is great, but your business' carpets need closer attention to be fully clean.

Proper cleaning protocol for your office is absolutely vital at the moment, more so than ever before. Even before the impact of Coronavirus however, carpets in your business premises required more than the occasional vacuum. While you should ensure your cleaning partner does regularly vacuum, or this is something that you organize between your staff, commercial carpet cleaning is also a must for any busy work environment.

Remove All Dust

Vacuuming is designed to help carpets last longer and stay in good condition. However, even the most powerful vacuum cleaners can’t remove all hazardous particles from the carpet. If these particles aren’t removed then this leftover debris and dust can break down and fray the fibers of your carpet. They can also become a hotbed for bacteria growth. Commercial carpet cleaning not only extends the life of the carpet but makes it a safer and more hygienic environment to work.

Avoid Unsightly Traffic Lanes

There will be pathways through your workspace which are walked upon more regularly, that’s simply the way it is. This can result in your carpet looking more worn and grimier in particular areas and this never looks great. Traffic lanes in your carpet are never a good look and when you simply vacuum over your carpet, these areas will become extremely obvious. Any dirt the vacuum cleaner cannot pick up will be easily removed through commercial cleaning methods.

Remove Ingrained Stains

The occasional accident will happen in the office. Whether the trash can is tipped over, a cup of coffee spills or mud gets ground in, carpets do have to take quite a lot of wear and tear. No matter how good your vacuum cleaner is, it cannot possibly remove all this dirt, whilst commercial carpet cleaning is designed to do just that. Regular deep cleans will ensure no stains become permanent.

Limit the Growth of Bacteria

As we’ve said several times, vacuum cleaners cannot remove all the dirt and potentially hazardous particles that live in your carpet. The vacuum may pick up most visible dirt but bacteria and germs may live deep within the fibers and it can in turn become a serious health hazard. Commercial carpet cleaning will help to remove any toxins, bacteria, allergens and germs from the carpet. This should be carried out on top of regular vacuuming. Most companies choose to have their deep cleans and commercial carpet cleaning in their quieter times but a good cleaning company will ensure it is carried out to a high standard whenever you require, keeping business disruption to a minimum.

Penn Jersey Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Keeping the businesses of Philadelphia as clean we can, the Penn Jersey team are highly experienced in all aspects of commercial cleaning. This includes deep cleaning carpets and other floor surfaces on your premises. Our professional commercial carpet cleaning ensures your carpets are in the best possible condition and all potential contaminants and allergens are eliminated. We also ensure there is no risk of mold, which could lead to further health issues. Carpeting your office can be a costly task so not looking after them once they’ve been laid is extremely unwise. We can also provide you with carpet protection as part of your commercial carpet cleaning service, furthering the life span of your carpets and ensuring they look great.

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