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We're Committed to Green Cleaning, And You Should Be Too

Why should your business opt for green and eco-friendly cleaning methods and services?

At Penn Jersey we make no secret of our commitment to green cleaning. We recognize the important of looking after the environment and the damage that can be caused by traditional chemicals. We try to ensure all of our clients are aware of the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning and the reason we offer such services but here we’re looking again and in more detail at why you really should opt for green cleaning wherever possible.

Eco-friendly cleaning is not a new idea, especially for domestic and household customers, and commercial options have been less common, another reason we’re particular proud of our services. Invest in green cleaning with Penn Jersey and ensure your West Philadelphia business is sparkling clean and ethically responsible at the same time. First though, consider these top reasons that show exactly why eco-friendly commercial cleaning is the way to.

Healthier than Chemical Alternatives

Natural cleaning products are designed to work without causing any harm to health and they do not include any unknown chemicals or hazardous substances. For a long time we believed that the harsher and stronger the chemical, the better the cleaning process will be. This is far from the truth. Many of the most “effective” cleaning chemicals rely on harsh and even dangerous chemicals including VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are known for the harm they can cause to your health.

Eco-friendly products used by professionals who have the experience, training and knowledge of correct cleaning methods results in fully cleaned work environments, without the need of chemicals which could be causing unknown damage to your employees’ health.

Minimizes Waste

The companies who produce eco-friendly cleaning products are also concerned with minimizing waste and unnecessary use of plastics. They are designed from the start to last longer and be more affordable than alternatives laden with chemicals. Similarly, as the products are fueled almost entirely by nature, they do not come with a hefty price tag and often they work effectively in a single application.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Removing harsh chemicals from the work environment and atmosphere naturally results in more room to breathe. Leaving your office and workspaces clear of chemical cleaning products, air fresheners and similar means the natural air can be breathed in without fear of respiratory problems. Products with natural fragrances are more pleasant anyway and a clean-smelling workplace is much more welcoming than over-perfumed synthetic aromas and smells of bleach.

Protect your Premises

Overusing harsh chemicals will damage your surface, can cause erosion and this can go beyond desktops and counters. Stainless steel structures may appear cloudy or leather on upholstered furniture may begin to peel and come away. Toxic chemicals are described as toxic for a reason, and they contain harsh elements which can be damaging to the protective coverings of desks, tables and other furniture around the workplace. Eco-friendly products are created from natural materials which aren’t going to cause harm or damage.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning with Penn Jersey

Penn Jersey is well equipped to provide local businesses with high quality eco-friendly commercial cleaning services. We work with businesses in many sectors, from tiny stores to much larger enterprises. Our range of services covers every kind of commercial cleaning and we work on contract basis as well as for one-off jobs, whatever your requirements. We’ll soon have you agreeing that green cleaning is the way forward for all businesses.

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