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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Partner

The right cleaning company matters, ask these questions before you choose.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company is essential for all organizations committed to their clients and employees. The right company will understand your business and will be a reliable partner for many years, if you make the right choice.

There are hundreds of cleaning companies out there so finding the right one requires time and attention. We recommend asking questions, checking recommendations, and getting a good feel for your potential cleaning company before you make the final decision. We are always open, honest, and transparent with our customers and potential customers and are always happy to answer as many questions as possible. Consider these six questions before deciding on your preferred company:

Question #1 – How many years have you been in business, and do you have clients similar to us?

While a brand-new cleaning company can be just as good as one with many years’ experience, it is understandable if you prefer to opt for someone with lots of experience. A local cleaning company with enthusiasm and experience in your area is a good choice, especially if they have a good track record of success. It also worth asking if your commercial cleaning partner has experience in your sector. There are some companies that specialize in different types of cleaning and if you have specialist services or requirements, such as medical cleaning, for example, you should check if your prospective companies are used to working in environments like yours.

Question #2 – How are employees screened?

Your janitorial service or cleaning company partner should only employee people who are suitable for the role. You can ask how they screen their employees and check you are working with a company who has a reliable workforce and people they can trust, and so can you.

Question #3 – What training does your company provide?

Your business cleaning company needs to provide their staff with comprehensive and up to date training. You can ask about the level of training, if it is updated regularly and the minimum level of training all employees are given. In some specialist areas such as industrial cleaning, school cleaning or medical cleaning you may even ask if industry-specific training is provided. A reliable company will be happy to go through their training processes with you.

Question #4 – Do you have adequate insurance?

There are a range of different insurances you can expect from a cleaning company. Your cleaning company should have general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance as standard. You may also want to check their commercial car insurance if they are using fleet vehicles to get their workforce to your premises. You need your cleaning partner to have adequate insurance to guarantee their works on your premises are protected should an accident or injury occur.

Question #5 – Do you keep the same cleaners on the same jobs or is it always a different team?

Many business owners like to see the same faces coming and cleaning their premises. This is understandable as you get to know your cleaners and they become like part of the team. From a business perspective, the same cleaners will also get to know your premises well and can work more efficiently without needing additional introduction or tours of the business. Of course, there may be a change in cleaning personnel from time to time, but there should always be someone you recognize who can quickly get the rest of the team up to speed.

Question #6 – What are the green credentials of your cleaning?

Many more businesses are recognizing the importance of green and eco-friendly approaches to all elements of their work. This includes cleaning. If you want to commit to green cleaning for your business then ask what your potential cleaning company can offer. Good green practices include minimal use of plastics, minimal use of chemicals and utilizing recyclable materials where possible. Other things to question include using reusable micro-fiber rags, reusable dust & wet mops, and anything else a company is willing to share.

The Penn Jersey team is always willing to chat to new customers about their concerns. We are happy to share as much information as you need and are always keen to provide even more local businesses with the highest level of cleaning services.

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