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Managing Flu Season (in a Pandemic)

Tackling the double concerns of flu and Coronavirus

January is always the coldest month of the year here in Philly, and with the colder months comes the risk of those winter bugs. Flu season is definitely upon us and managing the impact of this on your business, whilst we’re still tackling the Coronavirus pandemic, is something we all need to consider.

The impact of COVID-19 can still be seen in everyday life and when you add in the usual seasonal impact of flu, there is the potential for significant concern. Managing the impact of flu is something all business owners should be concerned with. Protecting your workforce and your business against any virus is one of your responsibilities as an employer and in making sure your protected with the added concern of COVID-19, as well as flu, there are some measures to keep in place.

Managing Flu in 2022

There are many measures we’ve come to consider normal since the outbreak of Coronavirus which can be particularly useful in keeping flu at bay too. The measures include:

Social Distancing

While this isn’t always possible in every workplace, some degree of social distancing can be very effective for minimizing the spread of bacteria and viruses. [The CDC has recommended]( the use of plexiglass dividers in the past and when the chance of spreading sickness is high, they are worth keeping mind. Preventative measures such as these and the use of face masks are still popular because of the added protection they can provide.

Shots and Vaccinations

Getting your annual flu shots is something many employers will recommend to their employees. Some companies offer the shots as part of their medical package or coverage too. This added protection again different strains of flu can help protect your workforce.

Consider your Sick Policy

Do you employees feel like they have to be in work even if they’ve got a cough or are feeling rundown? Expecting employees to work when they’re under the weather raises the risk of spreading sickness. It also puts employees at risk as their immune system may be lowered due to a cough or cold which then makes it more likely they’ll catch a more dangerous virus. Review your policies and see if they are fair and flexible in line with the current climate.

Commit to Cleaning

Your cleaning and hygiene routines are more important than ever when combatting the risk of sickness. Professional COVID-19 cleaning is useful is you do unfortunately suffer an outbreak of the virus but your regular cleaning must be maintained to avoid the spread of any bacteria and illness at work.

The increased risk of illness in winter is not new information. However, businesses cleaning needs to adapt each year to protect against this risk. We’ve discussed winter cleaning tips in the past and these need to be adhered to as closely as possible, with more vigilance than before, with the added threat of COVID-19 to consider.

Consistent Company Messaging

If you want to keep flu under control and minimize the risks of workplace sickness, you need your employees on board. Being vigilant when it comes to handwashing and sanitizing is more common than it used to be, but regular reminders about hygiene and cleanliness during the flu season never hurt. Whether you stick up posters in the break room or reminders in email newsletters or briefings, doing all you can to keep everyone on the same page is essential. Catastrophizing over the pandemic is easy to do. It is also understandable when you consider its huge impact and the tragic losses caused. If you are worried about winter illnesses and the impact of flu on your business while also handling COVID-19, assess your current processes and protection. If you need assistance with cleaning and sanitization, Penn Jersey are on hand to help.

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