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How Often Do You Need Commercial Cleaning Services?

How regularly should a cleaning team visit your business?

The US commercial cleaning sector is worth in excess of $76bn More and more businesses are recognizing the importance of high level, quality cleaning for their business, but how do you decide what services you require and crucially, how often should cleaners be attending your premises? Establishing a cleaning schedule is not something you will have experience in if you are hiring a commercial cleaning company for the first time. We hope this blog will help you understand your needs more clearly and you can always contact our team for more advice and guidance.

Keep these tips in mind for determining your business’ cleaning schedule.

How often do you clean?

To decide how often you need cleaners to work on your premises, you first need to think about how often cleaning takes place on site. Do you expect your staff to carry out any cleaning duties? In most instances the answer is no, beyond the basics of putting their waste in the trash. With no official cleaning rota or cleaning services provider, dust, trash and other waste will quickly build up.

This is something you can speak to your potential cleaning company partners about and you can decide how often you need them to come together. Other considerations at this time are the size of your business and its main operations. Office premises do not need cleaning as often as restaurants, for example.

Setting your Cleaning Budget

You may have a rigid budget available for your cleaning schedule so this will determine how often your premises can be cleaned too. It may also influence the level of cleaning carried out as you may opt to keep some cleaning in-house and pay a commercial cleaning company for more comprehensive and in-depth tasks. It will entirely depend on your requirements and the scope of the cleaning.

Some clients may choose to hire their commercial cleaning company for periodic deep cleans while others need cleaners every day of the week to manage the general cleanliness of their premises.

Cleaning Quality and Levels

The level of cleanliness you need for your business is not as strict in some industries as others. In scientific and health-related industries an entirely sterile environment may be necessary. However, your small office may only need light cleaning in shared and communal areas. If you have a breakroom or kitchen space this will need closer attention than the main office area where people simply get on with their work.

High contact touchpoints like door handles, faucets and toilet flushes require regular cleaning to minimize the risk of bacteria spreading. Food crumbs and waste should also be dealt with quickly to minimize the chance of attracting pests. If you aren’t sure about needing commercial cleaning support, consider how much trash your business generates each day. If it’s getting out of hand, you could probably benefit from professional help. Regular cleaning tasks you can delegate to an outsourced cleaning team include:

  • Vacuuming and carpet cleaning
  • Mopping hard surfaces
  • Floor polishing and buffing
  • Full cleaning and sanitization of surfaces
  • Clearing out unsafe food and items from fridges and cooler units
  • Trash removal
  • Window cleaning
  • Exterior building cleaning and pressure washing
  • Commercial ceiling cleaning

Why Routine Cleaning is Important

When you look around your business premises it may not seem that unclean. Often, you may feel like a simple wipe down and occasional vacuum is enough. However, a clean work environment is vital for keeping employees healthy and happy. Research shows a direct link between [mental health and cleaning]( so it is important to consider your workplace’s impact on your employees health. Janitorial services allow your premises to be cleaned as regularly as you require and allow your staff to focus on their job roles instead of worrying about their cleaning duties too.

Building cleaning service providers like us can help plan a schedule to suit your needs. We can discuss your budget, visit your premises, and provide a fair quote to suit your requirements.

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